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Letter: Port Authority prepares for future

To the Editor:

As the Port Authority celebrates its 25th anniversary this July we are re-examining our roots, the enabling resolution and by-laws, as well as planning to commemorate the many successful and long-term businesses that have located here because of our great workforce and the quality of life Red Wing offers.

While we look forward to the final recommendations of the Mayor's Blue Ribbon Panel, economic development activities continue full speed ahead at the Port Authority. The Port Board's leadership is focused on its mission and its oversight responsibilities.

To make the Port Board meetings more accessible, we have changed our monthly meeting dates and times. Beginning May 4 we now meet in the City Council chambers the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. We have also revamped our committee structure with an eye to improve efficiencies.

The board and staff are preparing for the economic upturn. While our 2010 budget has a cash surplus even with no budgeted land sales, we are confident there will be at least one.

This sale along with revised tax-increment financing/abatement policies, an entrepreneur loan fund and developing financial alternatives for a high speed fiber network will position us well for the future.

Red Wing Port

Authority Board

Tom Brown

Chris Simonson

Mike Grove

Jim Kelm

Nona Nelson

Ralph Rauterkus

Mike Schultz