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Letter: Outdoors augment kids' education

To the Editor:

Tuesday I got the opportunity to attend my third Hok-Si-La Park field trip with the kindergarten classes at Sunnyside in our Red Wing School District. This trip is in its seventh year.

What a treasure this day is for our children in Red Wing. A day spent enjoying our great outdoors and learning about our community's treasures was so wonderful.

Our youngest students learned about the different fish in the Mississippi River from Xcel workers; created sand art that symbolizes our river bluffs, Lake Pepin and sky; went on a hike looking at an eagle's nest with Jason Jech from our own Environmental Learning Center; listened to a presentation on animal pelts; and just played outdoors.

Growing up in the suburbs, I never received this emphasis on our outdoors and environment. I am so grateful that my children and all their classmates have experienced this great gift and will continue to enjoy exploring our greatest community assets within their school days and beyond.

Our Red Wing School District has such a great niche to be able to complement all of our academic/educational goals with our outdoors and environment.

Janie Farrar

Red Wing