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Letter: Obstacles make voting difficult for some

To the Editor:

The polling location for Jordan Tower and Downtown Plaza residents has been moved to Colvill Court. Since these residents are least likely to drive themselves, it means $3 round trip on city bus for elderly and handicapped people to vote. That is like putting a poll tax on our elderly residents.

Sure, we can offer them a ride, but some of them have a hard time getting into an ordinary car.

There was always a polling place in the past at Jordan Towers.

As of this election day, there was not the ability to have organized absentee voting at all senior housing communities. That is especially true for assisted-living facilities, because they are not "classified" as health facilities under state law.

It is especially hard for many senior residents to get to polling stations. Travel is often one of the lessor of worries; walking into and waiting at polling places is often extremely draining for seniors with limited mobility. Facilities cannot afford the price of staff going to pick up one ballot at a time.

Are we making it harder for our seniors to vote?

Carol Duff

Red Wing