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Letter: Money rules world energy game

To the Editor:

I remember the saying in a movie “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth.” It reminds me of the Keystone Pipeline controversy.

One article says it’s all about jobs. Another article points out it will create 35 full-time jobs and 15 part-time, once it is completed. It goes on to say, it will eliminate 500 truck drivers in western North Dakota. Other articles said it will help the U.S. reach energy independence, if we can bring the oil from Canada.

I realize when I was in school, Pluto was still a planet, but as far as I know, Canada is not part of the U.S.

Our federal politicians recently allowed the exporting of natural gas. Now we have the highest propane prices on record.

The next bill that will be pushed will be to repeal the 1976 bill that forbids the exporting of crude oil. The people in favor of the repeal say we are a global economy and this will bring down prices. If I remember correctly, that is what they said about the exporting of natural gas, a base stock for propane.

The propane pipeline from Canada was shut down for two months this fall, helping to cause the propane shortage, to prepare the line to ship crude north, from what I understand. I guess the truth, which everyone can handle is, “It’s a money thing.”

Tony Huppert

Spring Valley, Wis.