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Letter: Meinke choose to put talents to work for all

To the Editor:

When asked why she wanted to run as a candidate for Red Wing City Council, Marilyn Meinke did not hesitate a moment before answering that she had been taught that she has a responsibility to serve the community in which she lives. It was at a meeting of an organization to which Marilyn and I both belong that I asked her the question about her candidacy.

We find it very impressive from an outgoing, personable and talented woman who could choose to do many things. She chooses to run for the At-large City Council seat and vows to cover the entire community to visit with as many citizens as possible.

We watched with interest as Marilyn chaired the Sustainability Commission when it painstakingly worked its way through what Red Wing needs for the future as technology and business change. Her leadership skills were obvious.

Marilyn made an impressive showing at the primary election. We will be voting for her in the general election. We hope you will too.

Carmen and Jack Edwards

Red Wing