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Letter: Lucky to have Hove, a gentleman

To the Editor:

We are impressed with Dean Hove's integrity. Hove's response to the letter printed Sept. 19 was that of a true gentleman.

Hove's ethics have shone through in his actions in the past, and now he has set a fine example for our young people with his words. A "soft answer" truly does turn away wrath. It also demonstrates maturity and wisdom.

We are lucky to have Hove working for us. He reaches across the spectrum of views to include everyone.

For example, some of the people who opposed Hove's plan to save our riverfront, agree with his ideas about building our local economy. Hove finds common ground on each issue because he actively seeks it.

In January, Dean will be the longest serving council member at just eight years. We need elected representatives with experience who have a track record of low taxes, spending restraint and good people skills.

It really matters who we elect. We know Hove has only good intentions. We deserve leaders who not only look out for our interests but represent our values.

Dean Hove has been very good for Red Wing families. We are voting to re-elect Hove.

Ron and Laura Anderson

Red Wing