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Letter: Let's care for less fortunate ASAP

In August the League of Women Voters and United Way sponsored an evening to inform the Red Wing community regarding poverty in our city. It was very educational to highlight areas of education, housing, the free Care Clinic, the Red Wing Food Shelf, the Workforce Center, HOPE Coalition, seniors and the youth. We must acknowledge that not only is poverty an issue in Red Wing but these organizations did well to relate the increase of poverty in our city.

Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer is a professor of peace and justice at St. Thomas University in St. Paul. With a life time commitment to these issues, he is now promoting a resolution called MN ASAP or Minnesota Arms Spending Alternatives Project. This has an emphasis to shift federal and state funding priorities from violence and war and the interests of a few to meeting the essential needs of everyone. 

Jack advocates that at both the federal and state levels our tax dollars are given to promoting war while at the same time depriving education and the needs of the poor, hungry, homeless, mentally and physically challenged. He is committed to starting at the grass roots level to change these priorities.

The intent of this resolution is not against the military but against violence and war. One of the whereas statements expresses support and encouragement for veterans.

It is not Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, but strives for justice for all people.

On Monday Nov. 25 at 7 p.m., it is our intent to present this resolution for approval at the Red Wing City Council meeting. MN ASAP has already passed in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth and Mounds View. It is also being considered in Golden Valley, Grand Rapids, Rochester, Northfield and Winona.

Please indicate your interest, concern, care and compassion for the less fortunate in our city by attending this meeting at the City Hall in support of MN ASAP in our city.

Lynne Rigg

Red Wing