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Letter: Leaders don't go along on votes

To the Editor:

In response to Dean Hove's letter challenging my letter about his spending habits, I would like to set the record straight.

Hove touts himself as a fiscal conservative, unwilling to spend unnecessarily. I challenged him on several items where he had voted to spend large amounts of the city's money.

In his answer on his website, he states the number of votes by the council for spending money usually is 7-0. If he is truly who he says he is (R-E, Sept. 22), the vote would have been 6-1.

His answers are merely misleading and self-serving. Because the other six council members vote for something, does that mean he abandons his fiscal conservative stance to go along with the majority? That is not the leadership that's needed on the council.

For example: The city will purchase three lots for $155,000, use one, and then sell the other two for $77,500 each. If this is reality, why wasn't the original owner able to get $77,500 per each lot for a total of $232,500? It's time to have someone on the council who understands reality and what a prudent purchase is.

Jack Byrne

Red Wing