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Letter: Kocina values citizens, communications

To the Editor:

Red Wing needs a mayor that can set politics aside and see that real work gets done. A good mayor has the experience of working with the people of Red Wing and has the desire to talk and listen to the people in the community.

Beth Kocina has the experience. She was employed with Goodhue County for 10 years and the city of Red Wing for 14 years. She continues to work with our local citizens through the insurance industry and has listened to the views of the people for many years.

Beth believes that a healthy city requires blending the ideas of all concerned residents. But most of all, she believes in talking to people and collecting information about their major concerns for Red Wing.

Beth and her husband, Doug, are environmentalists and work to conserve our local environment and sources of energy. She believes in conserving our resources so that our children can continue to enjoy this beautiful area for years to come.

Beth and Doug have raised five children in the city and are now enjoying the experience of seeing their grandchildren grow up in the area. The future of Red Wing is one of her most important issues and she believes that the way to a healthy Red Wing is through communication with the citizens of Red Wing. Beth would bring a working mayor back to Red Wing.

James E. Miller

Red Wing