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Letter: Kline should hold actual town hall events

To the Editor:

Where is John Kline during his five-week break from Washington, D.C.? As of Friday, he had not scheduled any face-to-face town hall meetings to discuss the concerns of his constituents. Isn't that the purpose of this "break"?

His website offers a "Telephone Town Hall" you can sign up for but does not give any details as to date(s) or time(s) when your phone may ring.

With the federal deficit shrinking, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) becoming more successful and popular every day and the unemployment rate coming down, Kline obviously has no defensible spin on the inaction of the Republican-led House of Representatives.

Where is John Kline on the issues of which his constituents are concerned?

I guess you could wait by your phone and wait for the Congressman to call.

Gary G. Anderson

Red Wing