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Letter: Humane Society does good work

To the Editor:

This is in regard to Tuesday's letter to the editor concerning the Humane Society of Goodhue County.

I would like to state that we are a small private non-profit organization serving our local communities and are in no way connected to HSUS or Fund for Animals. We do not receive funds from them nor do we give any.

All of the monies we receive go directly and totally to our shelter and the animals in our care.

To comment on a court case of more than a year ago would not be appropriate here except to state that we are careful to comply with all state, county and city laws and statutes.

I am proud of our shelter and of the work we do and feel we provide a valuable service to the animals and people of our area. Please come down to our shelter to volunteer or just visit and learn what we're all about. We have many beautiful cats, kittens and dogs that would love extra attention or a walk. And they are all looking for a good home.

Linda Niebeling

Red Wing

Linda Niebeling is a Humane Society board member and the interim co-director.