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Letter: Home again in a lovely river town

To the Editor:

My husband and I recently moved to Red Wing, and I have to admit, I love it here! We checked out several communities before deciding on Red Wing and haven’t been disappointed.

The people we have met are friendly and helpful. To mention a few: Marion at the chamber, John who helped us find our home, Gladys from the Welcome Service. Very special was Sigrid, who gave me – a complete stranger — me a ride home from Walmart on a cold winter day after I had locked my car keys in the trunk along with a sack of bird seed.

My husband and I both grew up in “river towns” so we feel like we’ve come home. We love the museums, the arts and music and the variety of community activities. I even won a drawing at the “Bluff Blast” for a pair of hiking boots, courtesy of Friends of the Bluff and Vasque.

The recent powwow was awesome!

What drew us here was the beauty of the river and the bluffs. From eagle watching to trying the latest techniques to keep deer out of the garden, it’s been fun. My compliments to all who work to make this such a fine community.

Nancy Pettman

Red Wing