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Letter: Harvesting hope, health

To the Editor:

Potatoes, grown locally to become McFries, are being dug from the rich black earth by machines. They’re sorted by machines, also, and some don’t make the “chosen” ones. Back to the ground they go.

Wasted? No!

Thanks to Tom M. from across the river, and friends, they are gleaned, washed and delivered to the Red Wing Area Food Shelf where they are bagged and distributed to families every week. Tom’s not just harvesting hundreds of pounds of potatoes, he’s harvesting hope and health as well.

Many local gardeners have donated corn, beans, squash, tomatoes and apples this year as well. They, too, are contributing to the hope and health our community.

We appreciate it all.

Dee Bender

Red Wing

Dee Bender is Red Wing Food Shelf Board support chair.