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Letter: Harness wind, boost energy

To the Editor:

Everyone knows wind is free. Wind always seems to be there whether we want it or not.

This is our opportunity to use what is free. The contacts I have at Goodhue Wind have never misled me, have always answered my questions truthfully and professionally and have thanked me for calling and inquiring.

As a business, they are required to follow the law.

From my research, the goal of wind farms is to not only use resources that are free and create clean energy, but to support and build up our out of date grid system. Contrary to other opinions, Goodhue Wind has changed many of the original plans to accommodate community concerns. Goodhue Wind has applied many changes voluntarily above and beyond requests from the community. Goodhue Wind is also in the top 3 percent regionally and top 5 percent nationally on financial lease agreements.

The team at Goodhue Wind gets up every morning just like you and I and goes to work for a company whose purpose they believe in. Goodhue Wind is helping us regulate our energy use and control our energy cost. Because if we don't do it, the government will do it for us. The clean energy generation is not only for us, it's for the future. Think about it. Go to and educate yourself.

Cathy Gronevelt

Cannon Falls