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Letter: Good citizenship often is missing today

To the Editor:

On Tuesday the Minneapolis Star Tribune had the front page article "They score perfection on ACT, aim even higher," which rightly praises regional high school students for high achievement, not only in academics, but also in a variety of extracurricular activities showing them to be well rounded, including kung fu, band, swimming, speech, theater and golf.

Only brief mention is made of a program at Cretin-Durham Hall, where high achieving students are encouraged to get involved in community service.

Years ago our Red Wing School Board introduced the twin goals: that all students shall achieve their fullest potential and become respectful, responsible, productive citizens.

It is that role of good citizenship which I find missing in today's era of self-absorbtion and partisan politics. "The best and the brightest" will always set the standards for the rest of us, and that standard of community service must again modify our highly competitive, but often inhumane, society.

David Harris

Red Wing