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Letter: Fossen already at work for county

To the Editor:

The primary is Aug. 12. People who live in Goodhue County's Fourth District have a rare opportunity to elect someone who has already worked hard to protect our small town and rural way of life: Keith Fossen.

Keith has spent weeks at the state Capitol as an informed, unpaid citizen helping to protect our area against industrial silica sand mining and processing. He is now doing the same as an appointed member of the State's Environmental Quality Board Citizens Advisory Panel.

These rules can help assure all citizens' rights are protected, not just those of big industry and a few folks who stand to make fortunes at the expense of others' losses. All landowners rights are important not just those of a few.

We need Keith's business experience. We need his proven ability of finding win-win solutions in tough situations to bring the county sustainable economic development while protecting our environment.

I don't live in the Fourth District, but I wish I did so I could vote for this man whom I have come to so respect and trust.

We are all busy folks, but taking the time to vote in this primary election for Keith Fossen is a huge step toward making life better in our little neck of the woods.

Vote now if you want by going to Government Center in Red Wing or the local City Hall. It takes but a few minutes and the staff there will walk you through the process

Please, everyone in District 4, get out and vote for Keith Fossen.

Louy Stambaugh

Lake City