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Letter: Find ways to build positively on patriotism

To the Editor:

Due to discussion throughout the community and negative publicity about Red Wing throughout the country — some of it based on inaccurate reports — I would like to provide an update about various school-related issues during the past week.

On Monday, dozens of students appropriately recognized a day of national pride by displaying American flags and wearing red, white, and blue clothing. It was great to see students expressing their patriotic feelings. One student was required to change a shirt because it displayed a Confederate flag, and two or three students were asked to remove their bandanas. No students were disciplined for their expression of pride for the United States or for wearing/displaying the American flag.

I was proud to have witnessed so many students wearing patriotic clothing; after all, I, too, cherish living in this great country.

Unfortunately, though, liquid chalk was used on windows and some doors at the high school. A makeshift ladder was used (likely by non-students) to climb onto the roof to spread the liquid chalk on the skylight above the lunchroom area.

Custodians cleaned off most of the liquid chalk before school started that day, but the doors will need to be repainted.

Obviously, this is not acceptable behavior regardless of people’s intentions or the content of their messages. As a result, the high school administration took appropriate action after conducting an investigation.

Students, employees and community members throughout Red Wing have strong patriotic feelings for our country. Let’s work together to find ways to express and build upon those feelings in positive ways.

Karsten Anderson

Red Wing

Karsten Anderson is superintendent of Red Wing School District.