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Letter: Feds - school doesn't need youm

To the Editor:

I just wanted to express my outrage at yet another wasteful federal expense placed at our doorstep. To refresh everyone's memory, a small number of Red Wing High School students in an apparent spoof during Homecoming week in 2009 dressed up as hip-hop gangster-type rappers. Under city ordinances, state statues and federal law, this action was not illegal.

Across the country on the East Coast and seen on National TV, two members of the Black Panthers Party, dressed in paramilitary clothing, and one armed with a club, appeared at a polling place during a national election. These two subjects then threatened and intimidated people who were trying to enter the polling place and vote. This is a violation of federal law that governs what can take place or not take place at a polling location.

The Obama Administration's Department of Justice, under the guidance of Eric Holder has decided not to investigate the Black Panther "incident," but they are going to investigate the Red Wing High School "incident." What a waste of what's left of our federal tax dollars!

I am totally satisfied with our local school administrators, and the way they have handled this "incident." There is no need for federal intervention. This reeks of a "double standard" that has lately drifted out of the Department of Justice.

Should we overreact and set up a dress code for all students? Of course not! If you're upset with the federal action, then contact Rep. John Kline. If you're still upset, do not forget to vote in November!

I think I'm starting to understand why the Tea Party is becoming so popular across the country.

Rock Reeves

Red Wing