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Letter: Drazkowski makes a difference

To the Editor:

I would like to publicly thank Representative Steve Drazkowski for his strong support of veterans and law enforcement. His hard work and bipartisan efforts have now been signed into law.

He was the chief author of a bill that shortens the period of time veterans need to have served in a military police capacity, from five years to four years, before they can take a reciprocity examination to become a civilian police officer in Minnesota. This common-sense solution helps our veterans who served in military law enforcement to more easily become licensed as peace officers once they return home.

Our representative has removed barriers for veterans, providing them greater opportunity to pursue law enforcement careers upon completion of military service. Law enforcement will also benefit from an improved ability to recruit our highly qualified and talented veterans.

As a military veteran myself, I really appreciate how Drazkowski took the time to listen to my concerns, research a solution and ultimately work with Democrats and Republicans to unanimously pass this new law through both the Minnesota House and Senate. Veterans, law enforcement and Minnesotans are grateful for the leadership and dedication of Rep. Steve Drazkowski.

Shane Broughten