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Letter: Don't end Farmer Assurance Provision

To the Editor:

Having a very strong farm background, I have always advocated for Minnesota farming throughout my time in the legislature, as well as the many years I previously worked in the field of agriculture. I understand how important our farmers are to rural communities and their role in feeding the world.

For years, farmers have thrived off the yields that biotech crops produce. These crops are more resilient in harsh weather conditions and are more pest-resistant than other crops. Biotech crops have become an integral part of agricultural success.

But some activists do not understand the importance of biotech crops to our state and our country and have filed lawsuits to prevent their use. The Farmer Assurance Provision protects farmers and lets them plant and harvest their crops in the event a lawsuit is in place during the growing season. This provision protects the livelihood of our farmers from frivolous litigation by activists who oppose biotech crops.

Any attempt in Washington to repeal the Farmer Assurance Provision concerns me greatly. Supporters of agriculture should work hard to make sure this provision stays in place.

Steve Drazkowski


Steve Drazkowski, a Republican, represents House District 21B.