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Letter: Don't be quick to blame the GOP

To the editor:

Those evil Republicans?

If you are one of the minority upset by the "non-essential" federal (or you could say unconstitutional federal expenditure) shutdown, you are probably angry with the House GOP, right? Actually your anger is directed at the wrong people.

What has the House GOP done?

1. They passed a continuing resolution to fund the "non-essential" federal government, without funding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly called Obamacare). Democrat senators voted it down.

2. Then House GOP passed a continuing resolution, but delayed implementation of Obamacare, so the problems with Obamacare could be fixed. Democrat senators voted it down.

3. The House GOP voted a continuing resolution removing the exemptions for the politically connected (i.e. Democratic cronies) so every citizen gets treated the same, eliminating special treatment. The Senate voted it down, protecting the friends of Obama.

4. Finally, the House GOP passed a continuing resolution only removing the taxation on medical devices (especially painful tax here in Minnesota) but, of course, the Democratic-controlled Senate voted it down.

5. Now the House GOP worked to keep the government open, has passed bills that fund different portions of the federal government. President Obama is vetoing these bills that would "open" the government.

It is interesting that the president is willing to negotiate with Iran, but he acts like an emperor on domestic issues, refusing to talk with House GOP.

Jack Schlichting

Cannon Falls