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Letter: Donate to Alumination to help ensure fireworks in Red Wing

To the Editor:

Fourth of July has always been about freedom and fireworks! The recent fireworks about not having fireworks made me pause to think how grateful I am for what we have had in Red Wing.

This year we had a rededication of Major Welch’s headstone in Oakwood cemetery marking the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War. It is important to note that many from the First Minnesota (many from Red Wing and surrounding communities) gave their lives for freedom that day.

We have had at Treasure Island for a number of years now a fantastic fireworks display on July 3. The display is phenomenal and family friendly. I encouraged people to attend this year’s display when we did not have fireworks down by the river in the downtown.

The Mississippi Alumination Group has raised the funds privately for the past five years to have the fireworks on the Fourth of July near downtown Red Wing.

The city, when faced with many shortfalls after much input at community meetings, elected not to fund fireworks any longer.

The Mississippi Alumination Group stepped forward and began to fund the fireworks. I have personally contributed and know of many others that have given substantially to this event. They created a goal of gaining enough funds to have fireworks displays each year by using an endowment.

It is noted that some now desire that the city fund or contribute once again to this fireworks display. I am happy to consider that.

I do, however, challenge those that were not aware of this group’s efforts to step forward and contribute. We owe the past four years displays to them for the fireworks that many have enjoyed on the Fourth.

Fireworks and freedom. I find it comforting to know that they still can go hand in hand after 238 years!

Mike Schultz

Red Wing

Mike Schultz represents Red Wing Ward 3 on the City Council.