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Letter: DFL's inclusion leaves impression

To the Editor:

The last Saturday in April I attended our 2nd Congressional District DFL Convention, held in the working class community of South St. Paul, Minnesota. While I am a partisan, I attended as a “visitor.”

While walking among the attendees I visited with farmers, business people, trade union members, retirees, teachers, students and health care caregivers. I was particularly appalled hearing of the increasing poor treatment of veterans by our Washington House leaders who are the majority party.

Of course, there were politicians in attendance; a few from the past, an incumbent or two, and politicians of the future. All attendees have one main goal: They all want to restore the values we have lost in the district and our country.

As I sat in the last row of the visitors’ section listening to the speeches there was a young man a seat away who was having trouble recording a candidate’s speech. He was holding his smartphone device close to his chest, fumbling with it secretively. Perhaps he was recording for a political science class or maybe an opposition politician? Go for it, I thought, because the DFL has transparency as one of its core values.

During a recess, I asked him how his school loans were going, guessing he had some. “I will pay them back in 17 years,” he laughed nervously. “What do you think about immigration”? I asked, and he shrugged his shoulders. How about health care? “Oh” he said, “I am covered by my parents for a couple more years,” so my employer doesn’t have to provide it. Nice, I said.

Later that day, Mike Obermueller was unanimously endorsed for Congress by the delegates (some from Red Wing). The young man listened as Mike spoke that the DFL is not a party of limited focus. It is a party made up of everyone else. It is all the rest. That’s our philosophy … we include.

The young man seemed intrigued that the DFL and candidates care so much about all the rest.

Perhaps in two years the young man will be a delegate to the next DFL convention … Democrats, Farmers and Labors all.

Bruce Yernberg

Red Wing