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Letter: Demand GOP contain the radical tea party

To the Editor:

Have you had enough of the tea party and its reckless uncivilized approach too running the government? Yes, I said reckless and uncivilized. Now it appears that Republican Congressman Tim Griffin, according to his very own tweets, is blaming the president and Democratic leadership for the disturbed woman who made a mess of the Capitol this past week. Ridiculous, simply ridiculous.

If we disregard all of the havoc created by the Republican Tea party and let them continue to take our country down this dangerous and destructive path, we will have only ourselves to blame, and I am not ready to do that. No, I am mad at the total incompetence of these bumbling fools and I will not sit by idly any longer.

The scorched earth policy that these wing-nuts have instituted has the definite possibility of thrusting our economy back into another depression. As of today, Day 5 of the shutdown, Wall Street is rapidly losing the marginal gain that it has made over the past year, businesses are starting to lay off workers and business orders for raw products are down substantially. That means another recession/depression is just around the corner.

Since the majority of these wing-nuts are from districts that vote solid Republican, getting the most radical of these politicians out of office, via the ballot box, is impossible. But that does not mean that getting the tea party out of power is impossible.

We need to un-elect those Republican politicians like John Kline and Erik Paulson that allow this nonsense to continue. If enough Republicans are kicked out of office, they will lose their majority and hopefully become irrelevant.

Do we really need to have people in elected office that allow our country to be plunged into disrepair simply for political gain?

Steve Murphy

St. Paul