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Letter: Dedicated board makes it happen

To the Editor:

With the decision now made that Mississippi National can open and be managed by the non-profit group of citizens, a word should be said about the Red Wing Municipal Golf Corp. board of directors. They do not seek publicity, but the public needs to know who they are and the degree of dedication they have made to this task.

Over the years I have been privileged to work with a number of groups that have had worthy projects. Never have I been associated with a group that has had more dedication to a cause than the Red Wing Municipal Golf Corp. board of directors.

They are a group of people of varied backgrounds with only two things in common and that is they enjoy golf and have a community spirit at heart. It would be difficult to find a group that is more selfless, persevering, cooperative and purpose driven.

The organization of the board occurred with no particular plan. Everyone on the board just assumed some responsibility in an area of personal strength. Over the past 2 ½ years, the collective number of hours spent in meetings approaches 3,000.

In addition, the non-profit group has been without funding. To make this work, each of the directors has reached into their own pocket to cover costs. This is mentioned only to show the degree of dedication this group has. There will be no reimbursement to the board members.

Their names should be known. In no particular order: Marv Kesti, Dan Mjolsness, Judy Kjome, Jim Clark, Joan Collinge, Kent Laugen, Jan Pinnsonneau, John Kjolhaug, Robb Rutledge, Chris Crider and Kay Trulen.

There are several others that have served the board and moved on. In the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, perhaps none of this would have happened without the persistence and dedication of former board member Gary Fridell, whose suggestion it was that this board be formed.

Bob Tjossem

Red Wing

Bob Tjossem is a Red Wing Municipal Golf Corp. board member.