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Letter: Consider 'haiku to the editor'

To the Editor:

Entertaining, yes

Short and sweet would be best

Craft your words in haste

Between marriage equality and a mayoral race, my eyes need a rest from the fiery correspondence in the letters to the editor section as of late. I hope my "haiku to the editor" will catch on. Being able to express your opinion in a crafty, 17-syllable format would require more passion and knowledge of your subject matter.

Put down the pen please

These letters are quite a tease

Let's just have a drink

We have seen a limitation in characters allowed work before; Twitter is a 140-character phenomenon that is taking over your TV screens with hashtags popping up in every program you watch. Let's try it in the Republican Eagle. Less is more. Silence is golden. These phrases are cliche for a reason.

Fact, fiction, and mud

Editorials galore

Vote to speak the truth

Samantha Bengs

Red Wing