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Letter: City must address poor service of Hiawathaland

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my frustration with the public transit system.

My father was chronically ill and only had a few days to live. Therefore shortly his death, he requested to be transported from a nursing home to his home at Pepin Woods Trailer Park March 22. I contacted Hiawathaland to provide transportation services for myself and my father.

He used a wheelchair and was on oxygen. The weather that day was extremely cold, but not snowing.

When the bus came to pick up my father, I received complaints because he was in a wheelchair. The driver was unprepared and, frankly, did not know how to treat someone who is in a wheelchair.

My father wanted to be dropped off as close to his home as possible. The bus driver would not accommodate this request and dropped him at the Perlich Avenue side of the trailer park. This caused a great deal of stress and strain on my father, whose residence was on the other side of the trailer park. He had to be out in the cold for an extraordinary amount of time and this was extremely hard on him.

This type of situation needs to be addressed by the city of Red Wing and the transportation service.

Deborah Cody

Inver Grove Heights, Minn.