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Letter: Choose a mayor you can trust

To the Editor:

I have known Samantha Tix since she was 7 years old. She was a very bright little girl with the natural ability to connect with people one on one and build consensus. She would be good at seeing things from the citizen's point of view and getting the City Council to follow her lead.

Samantha has always had a warm heart and a cool head, qualities which make her well suited to the job of mayor. Red Wing may one day face a catastrophe like the tornado in Moore, Okla., that requires a leader who really cares, but has the sound judgment and clear thinking to remain calm and focused on taking the steps needed to help residents.

I am concerned that there are candidates who have a very narrow focus, and voters will not find out their true intentions until after the election.

If Red Wing residents want a mayor you can trust to be on your side, Samantha Tix is your best choice.

Tim Erie

Vasa Township