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Letter: Byte off a little patience

To the Editor:

Many years ago, when computer programming was still in its infancy, first-time users and early computer geeks would have to assemble at the computer lab on campus in order to run their programs.

Talk about old-fashioned. Imagine having to punch paper cards which then got turned in to run on giant main frame computers. Those computers were constantly crashing due to overwhelming volume and complexity.

I can still remember how somber it got when the words, "The system is down," were spoken. However, not once did anybody believe that the crash would last forever or that the problems would not be undone and overcome. Not once did anybody blame the technicians or the department heads. Certainly, nobody blamed the college president for their computer problems. That would have been totally absurd.

But fast forward to today. Obamacare, which is one of the most complex computer programs ever conceived, is having computer problems. Instead of practicing the well-established computer programming virtues of patience and persistence, all we can hear is an angry mob shouting, "Always blame Obama."

Unfortunately, I cannot remember a single computer glitch ever solved by an angry mob shouting anything. I can remember, however, that the early computer professionals always fixed the computer crashes. There was always joy and relief in hearing the words, "The system is up."

With a little faith in the future, the same words will soon be true for Obamacare.

Paul Drotos

Red Wing