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Letter: Big oil keeps earning our distrust

I just read an article in MinnPost about a sand company leasing railroad land in Wabasha to use as a silica sand loading facility. Add to that an investigative piece at NPR on Exxon Mobile plans in Baton Rouge. All this does not invite confidence in the honesty of oil or proppant companies.

Evidence suggests that all they care about is money. They use the promise of jobs to get what they want.

Here in Minnesota and Wisconsin, they buy land with just few enough acres to avoid an environmental review, they don't talk to citizen groups who are trying to protect the environment and, yes, are trying to keep them out. They talk to legislators through their lobbying people only. They don't talk to the community of citizens, much less to activists who do talk through the press, and through an open, non-secretive organization.

Their attitude seems to be that they can go where they like, throw enough money out to circumnavigate the opposition, and don't respect the opposition enough to talk to them. They don't generate confidence that they will respect the spirit of local laws, their land neighbors, citizens of the community they're entering.

What evidence do we have that they will behave any differently than the giant oil and gas companies who use the bottom line of profits for themselves only?

They have ignored our concerns and, in so doing, have lost our belief that they are to be trusted.

Pat Tieskoetter

Red Wing