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Letter: Bender's special interest is people

To the Editor:

I was honored to respond to the request to write a letter to the editor regarding the candidacy of Dan Bender for the office of Red Wing mayor. We have come to know Dan well not only as fellow members of United Lutheran but as a very active and involved citizen of Red Wing.

Dan is a thoughtful and caring person who, as he makes serious commitment to various projects, will see the task to be done to the very end. He is punctiliously dependable as he seeks out the counsel of those around him, listening with an open heart and mind and expediting the tasks with such spirit.

Retiring from his post as an IBM software engineer, moving to Red Wing, choosing to be a very active volunteer in many venues and serving during the years 2009-13 on the Red Wing City Council, Dan shares his special interest as: "The People of Red Wing" with these three codicils: *their safety and security, *their jobs and *their quality of life.

When we read the list of pledges he has made to the economic development of Red Wing, the focus of responsible spending of our tax dollars and tackling the issues which face Red Wing -- eg. the opposition to the frac sand mining, preserving our beautiful bluffs and historic community and making the downtown of Red Wing a prime business and entertainment destination -- together with a plethora of other life-enhancing goals, we are assured of a goal-setter who will work diligently to accomplish the same.

I urge you to review his stated objectives and cast your vote for Dan Bender. Our community will be the beneficiary par excellence.

Paul Christenson

Red Wing