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Letter: Bender has time, ability to serve us well

To the Editor:

The future Mayor of Red Wing must possess a comprehensive knowledge of the workings of all facets of our city government. This person must have the respect of the various departments and individuals within city government to be an effective leader.

Dan Bender as Ward 1 Council person for the past four years, has actively served on many council committees and as such has acquired an in depth knowledge of the many issues that city government deals with.

All of the current candidates running for Mayor agree that Red Wing has a number of key and crucial challenges that must be addressed over the next several years. This will require a person with the ability to build consensus among various groups. Dan Bender has that ability. To be a genuinely effective leader as Mayor requires a great deal of knowledge, effort and time.

Red Wing needs a full time, on the job, Mayor. Dan Bender will be that full time Mayor. We urge all voting citizens to most seriously consider Red Wing's next three and one half years and vote Dan Bender, FULL TIME MAYOR.

Don & Marilyn Olson

Red Wing