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Letter: Ask County Board to protect our water

To the Editor:

We are witnessing more and more newspaper articles, reports from state agencies and private foundations and the federal government all warning of impending and presently occuring water shortages.

White Bear Lake: Community and industrial water shortages as well as the lake level itself running dry.

Mankato: all uses, running dry.

Many more communities throughout Minnesota: running dry.

Goodhue County and Red Wing: Hey, come on over and fill your tankers and drill your own wells. We wouldn't let our good buddies from Texas go thirsty! Those uppity farmers, domestic and industrial users are way too selfish with their water. Who ever heard of running our of water?

Water is used extensively in both silica sand mining as well as fracking (Williston, N.D.). Did you know that although Minnesota only has five active silica sand mines, two are in the St. Peter area and each use between 3 billion and 4 billion gallons a year and their permits actually allow much more, but they don't want to pay for the extra.

Monday’s Star Tribune carried an article reflecting that the southwest is experiencing a threat to its already meager water supply due to fracking, not drought.

If the Goodhue County Board will extend the moratorium, set to expire in September, to September 2014, the science, studies and medical data will be much further along. It seems compelling that if the decision is postponed for that year, the true nature of the harm to befall us here in Goodhue County will be known and we will be thankful we dodged the bullet.

When so much needed information is being developed and the need for it so critical, why take the chance?

The water issue is so overwhelming and its absence so consequential, that this is truly the issue for the future, not jobs for a few Texas truck drivers, who in fact send the money home to their families.

Call your County Board members.

Richard W. Johnson