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Letter: Angels help during crisis

To the Editor:

On Sunday morning Sept. 29, our dog, Brandi, slipped out and got hit by a car that did not stop. The only emergency place was Rochester at the time.

My boyfriend and I took off in a hurry and just a ways past Dressen's we pulled over so I could get in the back seat to comfort him. The Goodhue County Sheriff's car pulled up behind us. He came to the window and we explained to him what had happened. We want to thank that officer for being sympathetic to our aim and to let us continue on. He could have given us a ticket, but he didn't. He deserves to be recognized for that.

We got Brandi to the clinic and left him there overnight so they could administer pain meds and take X-rays to find out if they could repair him. At least the last night of his life he was out of pain.

There are angels all around us.

Wendy Stumpf

Randy Seifert

Red Wing