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Letter: America must stop killing national bird

To the Editor:

According to The Associated Press, the Obama administration is selectively enforcing and not prosecuting so called “Green” energy companies for killing bald eagles and its cousin the golden eagle.

The Audobon Society estimates over 50 eagles per year in this country are butchered by these spinning behemoths. Tip speed of the props can reach 170 mph. 

Only one Wind Energy Company, Duke, was fined last year for killing Eagles in Wyoming and will pay a mere $1 million for their destruction. Other wind companies have been given a complete pass. 

If a local duck hunter accidentally shot an eagle he would be fined $250,000 and face two years in jail.

So, here’s the story, only one newspaper, our own Republican “Eagle” will print the truth about the real time destruction of our national symbol. The destructive nature of wind turbines is not even openly discussed at the Eagle Center in Wabasha. 

What’s more, no one is reporting about the lack of transparency of the Obama administration on this issue or the farcical “myth of so called "Green" energy wind turbines. There is nothing “green” about butchered bald eagles laying at the base of one of these giants.

The only one that benefits from wind turbines is the farmer who gets government subsidies and energy royalties for these eye sores on the landscape. 

Thank goodness Congress is now investigating this tragedy. Hopefully something positive will be done to stop this madness. Sacrificing our national symbol for a notion of green is not the answer.

Bob Spielman

Red Wing