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Letter: America must put an end to supporting genocide

To the Editor:

Are we supporting genocide?

For over two weeks now we have seen the destruction of Gaza by the Israeli military. Nearly a thousand Gazans have died and 75 percent of those were civilians.

We hear way too many times that Gazans are all terrorists and they had it coming. Can you really look at a picture of a mutilated young Palestinian child and call that person a terrorist? If you can, I question your humanity. You should in no way be able to do that as much as you could not ever call your own child a terrorist.

The genocide in Gaza, and the West Bank as well, should be stopped and the United States (and that means you too) could do it tomorrow. We give Israel over $3 billion a year, most of which is used to buy high tech weapons or build walls and Israeli settlements.

Israel has built a prison with our money and is executing the prisoners. The Israeli government is doing the same thing that Nazi Germany did to the Jewish race in Europe during WWII. I don't understand why the Jewish people do not understand this and help put a stop to this.

Palestinians are not born terrorists but are made terrorists. Terrorists are people defending themselves in the only way they can. In most cases they are not the ones initiating the terror.

Israeli government policies and United States policies, whether intentional or unintentional, are in many cases precursors to the so called "terrorist" action by Palestinians. You never hear about the Israelis aggression against Palestinians in our media. You must question why that is so.

The rockets the Palestinians fire toward Israel are like shooting bottle rockets compared to the modern munitions the Israelis use, much of which is supplied by the U.S.

The Just War Theory we so often use to support war calls for proportionality in destruction of the opponent. This destruction and mass murder of Palestinians is neither proportional nor just.

It precisely what I said earlier: genocide. You must speak out against this slaughter.

Bill Habedank

Red Wing