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Letter: Allow consenting adults to marry

To the Editor:

Almost 12 years ago my husband and I were married. When he asked me to marry him, no thoughts of legal or social ramifications of our marriage crossed my mind, I only thought about my love for him and how excited I was to be his wife.

When we applied for our marriage license and went through the steps to make our commitment legally binding there was no great uproar. There were no questions about our future plans for procreation or debates about whether or not we would be fit parents. There were no discussions about whether our sexual relationship was deemed appropriate by any particular religious philosophy.

No one commented on whether or not our union would be an economic benefit or burden to our state. The county clerk did not verify our genders, ask about our religion, or inquire as to whether any elements of our lifestyle would be unacceptable to others.

We simply signed the papers, paid the fee, found a person authorized by our state to perform marriages, and had a wedding that legally joined us.

After we were married our respective jobs acknowledged our relationship accordingly without any controversy. I took his last name and was able to update my driver's license, Social Security card, and passport with little incident.

Since that time he and I have been introduced to countless people across the United States and in other countries as husband and wife. Using this socially understood terminology, those to whom we were being introduced immediately understood our level of commitment and the seriousness of our relationship.

The same could not be said if we had been introduced as partners, life mates, or boyfriend/girlfriend.

It seems to me to be an incredible injustice that he and I have been permitted to celebrate and define our relationship so effortlessly while other pairs of consenting adults cannot simply because their official documents denote them as being of the same sex. The time to end discrimination and allow the freedom to marry to be extended to all couples is now.

Anna Ostendorf

Red Wing