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Letter: Act of kindness touches life

To the Editor:

Last Tuesday afternoon I was at the KwikTrip store on Main Street in Red Wing. I was getting some milk and walking with a cane after having back surgery three months ago.

A young lady came up to me and offered to take my items to the counter. I went to get a loaf of bread and went to the counter to pay.

The lady was checking out my items. She paid for my milk and bread and asked if she could take it to my car.

We went out front and she put it in my car. I tried to pay her and she said, "Have a good one."

I asked her for her name and she said. "Amy” and “Have a good one" and walked to her car by the gas pumps. The Lady with this kind person said, “She is my daughter.”

Thank you for your act of kindness.

M. J. Wright

Red Wing