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Kline, spend recess helping people witn MNsure

To the Editor:

I just read the Dec. 12 letter John Kline sent to April Todd-Malmlov, executive director of MNsure. I trust it is a public letter if I was able to review it. Here is my response to our U.S. representative.

My family has supported the Affordable Care Act since its passing some three years ago. During the last 12 months, Minnesota has developed the state’s version of the ACA for its eligible citizens.

As you know it is called MNsure. Some of my family members are covered by MNsure policies that will take effect Jan. 1. All will see significant premium savings over what they were paying previously.

They are grateful and the family is grateful.

I wonder why you are so against MNsure?

Your letter to Ms. Malmlov is not representing the constituents you serve. It is nothing more than data mining … looking for stuff you can use against MNsure. Perhaps it is a political letter because you are facing a primary. Perhaps you want to reiterate to the “far right” you are extreme. I don’t know.

I believe it would be compassionately helpful if you would write MNsure a letter asking how you could assist in implementing MNsure for your constituents in need. Better yet, you can even call MNsure as it is easy to get through, unlike calls to members of Congress. Additionally, because you are enjoying Christmas recess, you would have more time between now and January to help constituents enroll instead of writing bully letters to MNsure.

Mnsure has been around for a year and a lot of that time has been in development. You have been 12 years as a congressman, many of those years in development. Lighten up a little, MNsure is here to stay. And that is a good thing for many of your constituents. Merry Christmas.