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Help Minnesota get connected

To the Editor:

How connected are we, really?

As a lifelong resident of rural Minnesota, I know we are a people who understand the integral role that family, friends and community play in our lives.

Despite attempts sometimes to "get off the grid," we understand and appreciate being connected. And, in today's reality, to stay connected economically viable we must stay up to speed with the global community.

But how connected are we, really?

Now is the chance to take two minutes to find out, and to tell our rural experience to the Minnesota Ultra High Speed Broadband Task Force.

Until June 30, the task force is collecting the results of an online speed test. With the click of one button, at, provide a critical data point. The resulting statewide map will be used by decision-makers as the state maps a more connected future.

The more rural residents and small businesses that take the speed test, the more accurate the map will be. So join me and the Blandin Foundation in getting on the grid and let your voices and speeds be known.

Jim Hoolihan

Grand Rapids, Minn.

Jim Hoolihan is president of the Blandin Foundation.