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Heat can kill your pet sitting in a vehicle

Sunday July 14 we pulled into a parking lot of a Red Wing store. It was a very warm and sunny day, with temps at 4 p.m. hovering around 90 degrees. Next to us was a beautiful brindle-colored dog alone in the car.

The windows were cracked, actually generously, in all four windows. Still cracked is never enough.

Even with cracked windows on a breezy day, there is not usually a breeze of any kind inside a car. With sunshine, the temperature can quickly rise to 115 degrees or higher inside the car.

We went inside the store, for dog food actually, with me distressed regarding the dog. When we came outside, the dog was still there. We hung around for a time, checking the status of the dog, giving some thought to what to do, among other things discussing it with the owner:

Try it. Sit in your car, in the sun, with your windows cracked.

Take a thermometer with you if you want concrete information. Be prepared to be uncomfortable almost right away. Take no water with you.

Sit in the car for 30 minutes. What do you think?

Please, if you're going somewhere and the dog can't come in, leave the dog at home. If you must take the dog and there are two humans on the trip, one stay in the car with all windows completely down.

Make the stop short. Try to park in shade.

If you are a store owner, consider putting up a sign on your door that a dog on leash is welcome to your store, Many of us will celebrate your decision, and you may save a dog's life.

Heat kills. It kills children, or dogs or any animal you leave in your parked car. It doesn't take much time.