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Great ideas start at local level

To the Editor:

I read your recent editorial supporting Red Wing's policy of installing broadband conduits at the same time that roads are being torn up -- a policy I strongly support (R-E, June 20).

In fact, as your editorial mentioned, I recently introduced legislation that would require federally funded transportation projects to include the simultaneous installation of underground broadband communication conduits.

I want to congratulate Red Wing for leading the way on this important issue and for having the foresight to implement this common sense policy.

This is another example of the great ideas that have come from cities and towns across our state. Many of the best ideas start at the local level and become a model for the nation.

I've seen this firsthand when I travel to all 87 of Minnesota's counties each year. I get some of my best ideas for legislation from the people I meet and the towns and cities I visit -- from food safety to renewable energy to this broadband deployment legislation.

By deploying broadband conduits during road construction, we can bring high-speed Internet to our communities and avoid the need to dig up our roads again later, which will save a great deal not just in dollars, but also in driver inconvenience and aggravation.

But Red Wing already knows this!

Amy Klobuchar


Amy Klobuchar represents Minnesota in the U.S. Senate.