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Great city, great guide

We received in the mail your 2013 Red Wing Visitor Guide. I receive and thoroughly go through nearly 100 travel magazines/brochures all over the country for the past several years, and I want to tell you, the Red Wing is the best I have ever seen.

Never before have I seen a travel magazine that has such beautiful pictures of Red Wing, but I was amazed at how many dandy pictures there are in the magazine of beautiful downtown Red Wing. Never before have I seen a visitor brochure or magazine that has so many pictures of the downtown area.

Very few visitor magazines show pictures of downtowns. Thank you for your spectacular publication.

We lived in beautiful Red Wing from 1996 to 2002, then we moved to Rochester, before moving out here to another beautiful area, north Idaho, in October 2007.

We always enjoy visiting Red Wing when we come back to Minnesota and always stop at your visitor bureau there.