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Flooding after crest

Flood waters are up, around and into the Woodshed Bar in Hager City.1 / 5
The waters of Lake Pepin lap up to Maiden Rock Park.2 / 5
A flooded swingset in Saratoga Park in Bay City3 / 5
Water approaches the road closed sign in the parking lot of the Bay City campground.4 / 5
Flooded camp site in Bay City.5 / 5

The good news is the Mississippi River crested at 15 feet over the weekend.

The bad news it will take a while for the river to go back into its banks and until then residents along the river from Hager City to Maiden Rock will have to deal with the flood waters.

Local establishments like Mr. Sippi's, the Harbor Bar and the Woodshed are flooded, as is Saratoga Park in Bay City along with the Bay City Campground along with the campground on the Island . The water is also high around the Maiden Rock Park area.

A home or two in Bay City near the campground has a flooded basement. A local homeowner said the water came up from underneath into his basement but luckily his basement wasn't finished and filled with sand. He also said the water was starting to receed back.

As of Tuesday the river was at 14 feet.