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Editorial: Time to learn

     Students across the region returned to school this week, signaling a new beginning. Cries of joy echoed down hallways and across playgrounds as children greeted old classmates and formed new friendships.

     Contrast that to the deaths of Syrian children at the hands of their own government.

     Every American should be thankful to live in this nation where we’re free to learn about many things — math and science, literature and world history, including wars waged and averted.

     A week after students went back to school, Congress will head back to Capitol Hill.

     We urge senators and representatives to insist that President Barack Obama outline a clear plan and a consistent foreign policy — something that’s been a definite weakness  for this White House — that will accomplish something before endorsing a “limited, narrow act” in response to the Bashar Assad regime’s heinous deeds.

     Let’s learn from current events and history.