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Editorial: Quick response is good and risky

Red Wing Fire Department’s immediate response to a 911 call Sunday saved a home from burning to the ground. Firefighters were so prompt they contained the blaze to a single, second-story bedroom despite the fact flames were coming out the window when crews arrived.

No firefighter suffered injury. The residents and their neighbors are safe.

Contrast that success story to Friday’s tragedy in Cannon Falls. A husband and wife died after their vehicle collided with that of a Minnesota State Patrol trooper called to another crash on Highway 52.

Every time officers, firefighters and paramedics answer a call for help their life-saving efforts also carry multiple risks — to themselves, to the public who encounter these responders en route and to all parties on the scene. Everyone grieves when things go wrong.

Let’s use these contrasting news reports as reminders to stay alert as our emergency responders go about their dangerous, necessary jobs.