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Editorial: Help them step up ... and over

The Red Wing Kiwanis Club decades ago raised money for the steps that still provide access to parts of Barn Bluff. Residents could purchase a step and have a name engraved for posterity.

Anyone who has made the climb and walk knows the effort is well worth it.

Today, the Red Wing Area Fund is building on that concept and moving it to nearby Sorin’s Bluff.?Instead of stairs, however, people can purchase a limestone curb for $100 that will grace a level trail.

Memorial Park is one of the view vantage points along the Mississippi River that is accessible to all, thanks to maintained roads and a beautiful lookout. This trail will encourage those people who rely on canes, walkers and wheelchairs to go beyond the view, get out of their vehicles and explore one of the bluffs that make Red Wing such an attractive place.

Consider purchasing a step in honor of someone or step up yourself. What a lovely legacy all the way around.