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Editorial: A grand man

Jim Grantman never kept score. Many area teams, however, keep score on lighted boards thanks to this Red Wing man.

He gave equally to the arts, helping ensure high school students staged annual musicals or could showcase their paintings, poems and sculptures.

You could expect to see him at games, exhibitions and fundraisers. He paid for a ticket, of course, although he was often the No. 1 benefactor.

During his 30 years at Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Red?Wing, he dropped off uncounted soft drinks and portable soda fountains for fundraisers. Proceeds went to non-profits, from the Cub Scouts to the Red Wing Area Seniors and every one in between.

Grantman, who died Saturday, gave generously of himself and his worldly goods. A devoted Christian, he said this life has a beginning, a middle and an end. He seemed to make the most of it all, and so often with others in mind.

He thought of himself as a simple man selling a simple drink of simple pleasure. In fact, he had a deep and quiet depth. He worked hard to see that the youths who could stop anytime for a free Coke were equally thirsty for knowledge and a better world.

He will be missed. Not because of what he gave, but because of who he was.