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Editorial: Good, safe starts

Soaring high: Goodhue School District celebrated a century of learning in August and began a new century this week with new leadership.

The community has rallied to support its public schools over and over. No excess levy referendum has failed — at least in living memory — and there’s no sign that citizen commitment is waning.

We wish the students, their parents and the educators all the best in the 2013-14 academic year and beyond. Be thankful your community has done everything it can to ensure it.

Soaring high: Red Wing School District upgraded its security at every building prior to the start of classes. The move should help keep students and staff safer.

Locked doors and a buzz-in system are only as good as the people who use them, of course.

We hope everyone diligently enforces the system. If you are going out as someone else is coming in, don’t circumvent security by holding the door open. Don’t open to someone banging on the door. Remember, courtesy and “Minnesota Nice” could prove disastrous.

Rather than look at the system as a inconvenience and become frustrated by any potential delay, embrace this as the positive change it is.