Weather Forecast


Editorial: Cold start

Welcome to 2014 and more chilling weather.

An 80-hour deep freeze is coming. The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill warning from 6 p.m. Saturday to noon Tuesday. Actual temperatures are forecast to dip below zero and stay there for more than three days. Add wind and conditions deteriorate to 35 to 60 degrees below.

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton didn’t wait until Monday morning to cancel schools. Some people won’t like he didn’t leave the decision to local school officials, but we applaud the decision. This way there will be no confusion come Monday when the temperature may top out at 18 below.

Consider that exposed flesh will freeze in 10 minutes when the wind chill is 35 below. No child should be outdoors waiting for a bus in this weather.

Perhaps Dayton’s announcement will convince some adults to take this dangerous weather seriously.

Be prepared. Make sensible decisions and start the cold new year on the safe side.